Here at RTB we are so excited to kick off a new year of crafting!
We encourage you to challenge yourself, raise your own level of crafting, and keep your resolution to use those new stamping items. And yes, we will even use those supplies that you just had to have in your collection. ;)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Challenge #64

What a beautiful week of entries! Thank you all so much for diving in the recipe of blue, white and stripes. Your creations were so nautically delightful, congratulations to the following crafters:

Beautifully done ladies! I loved all the different interpretations of our recipe. Please contact me at for next week's new challenge.
And now to continue our warmer weather theme for the week:

We "Shell!"
Yup! We want to see your seashells and beachy cards! Now this is a bit different from last week's nautical recipe challenge, you can create any type of beach cards that your sunny heart desires. For wonderful inspiration, come and take a look at what our guest bar-tenders have created:




Wonderful! I feel like donning my swimsuit right now (not - heehee!). Thank you so much ladies! And now from our full time Bar-tenders:





We can't wait to see what seashells you sell by the seashore! :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Challenge #63

Happy Friday everyone! Thank you all so much for your Tree-Mendous entries - they were SO beautiful and such a wonderful sight for those of us longing for spring. :0)
Without further adieu, congratulations to the following entries:

Monica's dimensional Fall tree

Lisa's beautiful scrapbook page
(and wonderful title!!)

Joyce's gilded framed beauty

Congratulations ladies! Please email me at for next week's assignment.
And now on to this week's fun theme:

blue, white, stripes
I am SO excited this week as we have a handful of Guest Bar-Tenders joining in on the fun. These ladies have won previous challenges and had the opportunity to play along:






What a GREAT lineup from the guest designers, thank you so much for joining us, ladies!
And now from our full time Bar-Tenders:







Now it's YOUR turn! Click on the happy blue frog below to link up your work.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Challenge #62

Hey Chicks! WOW! You all are so amazing, thank you for the wonderful entries in last week's challenge. Of course plenty of entries means plenty of beautiful creations! Congratulations to the following crafters:

Linda's Maya Angelou inspired card

Ladies please contact me at for next week's assignment. :0)
And now are you ready for this week's theme? Thanks to a wonderful suggestion from our Bar-Tender Wanda, we are celebrating Earth Day (April 22nd) called:


We can't wait to see lovely trees (any type will do!) on your card. It can be the focal point, in the background, as an embellishment, BUT it does have to be visibly obvious. Here are some amazing samples by the Guest Bar-Tenders of the week:


Thank you ladies for joining us this week!
And from our amazing Bar-Tenders:

Anita's tiki party

Julie's beautiful bloomer

Wanda's heartfelt sympathy card

Thanh's paper pieced perfection
Jan's blossoming creation

Joni's ode to Twilight's forest

We can't wait to see your Tree-Mendous creations! Click on the happy blue frog below to link up your work.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Challenge #61

Happy wonderful Friday everyone! Thank you for your beautiful weather cards last week, I loved seeing the April showers, dusting of snow, and the promise of warmer weather as well! Congratulations to the following designers:

Congratulations, ladies! Please contact me at for next week's assignment.
And now for this week's fun challenge:


We want to see cute little chicks on your cards or projects (or any type of baby bird or duck will do!). Need some inspiration? Because our Guest Bar-Tenders are ready to wow you:

Amy Duff

Margo Smith

Thank you so much for your tweet cards ladies! heehee! (Sorry...I couldn't help it.)
And now from our awesome Bar-Tenders:






Now it's your turn to show us your feathered friends, click on the happy blue frog below to link up your work.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Challenge #60

60 weeks of challenges already? WOW! Thank you to all who have played along with us, I am honored that you come by to visit! Last week's challenge seemed to prove a bit daunting, perhaps with the high cost of travel we should stay closer to home? haha! Thank you who all played along, here are the top 3 picks of the week:
(love the hibiscus accents!)


(the monochromaticity is amazing!)

Congratulations ladies! Please email me at for next week's fun assignment.
And now on to this week's challenge:

(or any kind of weather)

Which of course, will bring May flowers, right? :) If you don't have any rainy day cards then we welcome sunshine, storms, rainbows, etc.
Joining us this week are a couple of guest Bar-Tenders:



Thanks ladies for the Spring-y cards!
And now from our full time Bar-Tenders, a sweet lineup of April Showers:







Come grab your umbrellas, sunglasses, or galoshes and join in on the fun! Click the happy blue frog below to link up your card, we'll come by to pay you a visit.