Here at RTB we are so excited to kick off a new year of crafting!
We encourage you to challenge yourself, raise your own level of crafting, and keep your resolution to use those new stamping items. And yes, we will even use those supplies that you just had to have in your collection. ;)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Welcome to Raise The Bar!

Thank you for coming by! This is a new challenge site that will encourage you to use your crafting tools, stamps, hoarded goodies, must-haves-but-still-in-the-box supplies to its fullest potential.
We will "Raise The Bar" each week, offering fun challenges that will encourage you to try something new, re-visit an old favorite technique, or just step out of your box! Let's unleash all that talent of yours, and most importantly, dust off those supplies that we promised ourselves we would use (was that a New Year's resolution of yours too?).
I will also be linking up some tutorials for the week's challenge for you to see the many ways that our crafting supplies can be used. Each week a selected participant who has tried something new and felt over the top with it will win the coveted badge of being the featured "Bar-Tender"! (wink wink)
Thank you for coming by, I look forward to playing along with you every week!
And btw, I am on the hunt for 2 more friends to be on the Design Team. ;)


  1. This looks like a ton of fun, Joni! Can't wait to hear more!

  2. Looks like fun Joni! Where DO you get the energy!

  3. This sounds like so much fun!! Can't wait!!

  4. Sounds absolutely wonderful, really can't wait, i love a good challenge :)
    Wishing you all a very happy new year

  5. Hoping to be able to keep my resolution too!

  6. Aloha Joni!

    Hope you had a great New Year's with the family! Just rang in the New Year here on Oahu . . . checking the blog scene before bed. I'm now a follower and can't wait to see what kind of challenges there will be! I luv a challenge! Take care Joni! :)

  7. This sounds exciting can't to see what you have in store!!!

  8. Sounds FANTASTIC!!! I'm definately a follower and can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve! Congrats on the new challenge blog!!

  9. Mmmmm . . . how interesting! Great idea, Joni!

  10. Hey Joni this looks very very interesting and lots of fun, will have to sign up as a follower

  11. I love your blog. The cards you post are so beautiful. I am signing up to follow your blog now!