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Friday, May 27, 2011

Challenge #68

First off, thank you for your beautiful Memorial Day tribute cards, they were all so beautiful! This post is a little different than the other Fridays as we have a couple of announcements. First off, the winners of this past challenge as well as this current challenge will be notified individually. The reason being:

Haha! Yes, the reason is because Raise The Bar will be on a summer hiatus! The Bar-Tenders are going to take a breather, start off our summers, plant our gardens, and return on AUGUST 5th with new challenges and fun surprises! This is just a little vaca, so please don't unsubscribe or forget about us. Since we have one more challenge for this week, we will feature the past two groups of winners will help us celebrate our return in a couple of months. This also gives you plenty of time to join in on this challenge as it will be extended to two weeks instead of one!
Without further ado, this week's theme is:


Since this is the last few weeks of school, let's show off our thank you cards to teachers, mentors, tutors, and those who help mold the future. We have a beautiful lineup this week as always! 

Thanh's Whimsie thank you note

Julie's wise owl

Anita's head of the fairy class

Jan's sweet school girl

Wanda's little reader

Joni's bookworm

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